Konrad Designer and manufacturer since 1963

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Independent manufacturer, Konrad design and manufacture a wide range of high performance valves -   Soft Seat Butterfly Valves, Double offset butterfly valves, Triple offset butterfly valves  and Fire Safe check valves. Our customized solutions meet the wide range of customer needs and regulatory standards that appply to our different markets : O&G -  Power Generation -  Water treatment -  Industrial Processes


• In-house R&D Department

• Risk analysis

• Customized solutions

• 3D Software

• Participating member of the AFNOR standards committee

• Compliance with international regulations and standards


• CNC Machines

• Continuous Improvement

• Organizational quality based on Lean principles

• Assembly

• Hydrostatic tests

• H.P. Gas test Bunker

• Factory Acceptance Tests


• Technical Expertise

• Maintenance Contract

• Technical back-up

• Commissioning

• After-Sales Service


All of our activities are based at a single site in United Kingdom of Great Britain
These include our administrative services, our production unit (3500 sqm ) including machining, 
assembly and testing, our R&D department and our technical and commercial teams.

Konrad quality management system, based on ISO9001:2015 and API Q1, and applying Lean Management principles, ensure that our design, manufacture, assembly and testing operations meet the highest standards. With the express aim of providing reliable, quality solutions for our customers.


All Konrad products are certified to European and International Standards.


Continuous Improvement as an integral part of Konrad Lean and Qualty Management systems, puts Customer Satisfaction at the heart of our business commitments.

About Konrad

Konrad Controls has specialised in the development, design and production of butterfly valves for more than 50 years. With our wealth of experience we can offer you a wide range type valve.

Valves made by Konrad are used wherever combustible media need to be shut off quickly and safely. Konrad valves are widely used in coal-fired power stations, gas turbine plants, biogas systems and petrochemical plants. Moreover, they reliably fulfil their tasks in gas pipelines, on FPSO vessels and in nuclear power plants.

All these fields of application have one thing in common: they are areas of high risk and therefore require special attention and care. That is why Konrad valves are designed to provide a maximum of safety and reliability. From the small DN 15 valve to the large DN 3000 damper we manufacture all of our products with utmost care – because we know you are relying on us.

2015 : Implementation of the new Test permitting High Pressure Gas Testing up to 420 bars

2014 : Manufacture of the first Triple Offset Butterfly Valves , equipped with steam flushing seat and nitrogen injection bearings, for Steel Industry application

2012 : Development of the Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Cryogenic configuration

2009 : Opening of our new production Facilities, in Montceau les Mines.

2007 : Damien de MARGON joins the management team

2002 : First producing of a new valve range – TRIPLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVE  

1998 : Manufacture of the millionth butterfly valve

1996 : First producing of our – DOUBLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVE

1998 : Manufacture of the millionth butterfly valve

1996 : First producing of our – DOUBLE OFFSET BUTTERFLY VALVE

1995 : Obtaining the Quality Management System certificate in conformity with the norm EN ISO 9001.  

1993 : Konorad partners with a Czech manufacturer to create A.B.O. , for the manufacture and marketing of butterfly valves of BURACCO design for Eastern European region. This association ended in 2006

1993: Transformation of the state enterprise into a sole-shareholder Treasury corporation

1986: Konrad launches its first SERIES 600 butterfly valve, non-removable butterfly valve, for H.V.A.C. applications

1963 : Launch of the SERIES 900 range, butterfly valves for industrial applications